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Welcome to Wicat UK. This site is intended to bring together all the people who used to work for Wicat Systems Ltd.

If you would like to be included in this site, please send me your information. If you have a current picture, that would be wonderful, but whatever information you have about yourself - or any other ex-Wicatters, please E-mail me . I won't post any e-mail addresses or salacious gossip without permission. Oh yes, I need the dates you worked at Wicat too.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Wicat files for bankruptcy

Wicat Inc filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on 14th October 2005.
Guess that's it, folks.

Coming soon... "Wicat USA where are they now?"

Following quite a few requests for an alumni web site for ex-Wicatters in the good ol' U S of A, I'll get one set up soon. It will be database driven, so each alumnus can update their own entry.

For now, everyone is here.


So, who's doing what?...


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The Alumni

In alphabetical order, by first name

Alun Evans  
  Alun works for Thompsons Human Factors division in Basingstoke (since March 2000) [Top]  
Andrew Chambers 1990-1996
  I've tried a number of times now to say something about what I've been doing for the last four years but have failed dismally (Cindy, please help!) so this is it.....................

Anyway, once the takeover/merger happened with Admiral I spent about 14 months doing the weekend commuting bit between Surrey and Yorkshire and then we moved ........oop north. Admiral - Okay I've survived so far ( I said 6 months would be pushing it) but we're now CMG Admiral. I'm a Project Manager (Yes, for real) and have been responsible for lots and lots and then some!

Karen is fine and now works for the Yorkshire Post and is still in sales - she just can't get enough of it. It was our 22nd wedding anniversary on March 29th this year - oh my God......!!!!!!!!!!!.

Tom (now 16 and believe me he is 16!) is in a band; plays drums and writes the songs but the band can't decide on a name - (any suggestions?). Here's some help, 3 of the band members first names are Matthew and there's only 5 in total in the band the other 2 being Tom and a guy called Feiney. Apart from that he's doing okay at school - will be going to college (we hope) to pursue his interest in music.

Amy, 13 but going on 45 (well a lot older than me and Karen anyway) is just Amy. She's doing fine and thankfully has got most of her mother's good looks and not mine if you know what I mean.

Oh, as you might have realised we're now living in Yorkshire (a country in it's own right, well that's what they tell us anyway).

We hope you're all well - are you?

Whatever, if anyone wants to spend some time in God's own county then please get in touch.

PictureCartoon 1
PictureCartoon 2

Andrew Trickett (Ziggy) 1990-1994 and 1995-1998
  Andrew was at Wicat until they became Admiral. He now works for Jane's Information Group as their Senior Web Designer. He is married to Jill, with two kids, Cameron and Holly, and has moved to a village called Parbold, near Wigan. He works from home now and occasionally travels down to London to work. PictureCartoon


Andy Cummings 1987-1997
  I left school and worked in factories and I even cut grass verges for a few years. Then one day I met up again with David Horne, who I was at school with. He said that the guy he worked for wanted to see me, courtesy of a technical drawing that I had done whilst studying for 'A' level. Along I went to an interview for a proper job for the first time in my life.

I met with Ged Fitzgibon and Tony Tucker, and I was shown the seeds of multimedia as we know it today. I was blown away, and not could wait to get my hands on it. I was introduced to a very mixed, very nice, and very knowledgeable bunch of people. I was a shy, boy with no experience of real working life.

Thanks to Phil, Celia, Lindsey, Dave, Liz, Joan, Kaye, Ged and Janet and all the S.M.E 's from SAS (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone) from the then Courseware department working on the DC-9 project for SAS also to everyone else that joined along the way, all that changed for me over the following years.

I was helped at every step of the way by everybody. Despite several personal attempts at getting myself sacked (not deliberately of course), and personal problems galore as well as the odd personnel cull or two, I managed to stay with a great team of people for a long time. I have made many friends over the years and I would like to thank you all for being there while I finally grew up.

Particular thanks go to Chris Brummell, Tony Tucker, Mark Esdale and Kevan Law for standing by me despite myself.

When I left Wicat I moved to a company called Hardcat as a Technical Support Consultant. Once again sorting out problems with irate customers. I stayed there for three years.

I have now joined a company called GCA IT Consultancy and Training as a Senior Consultant.
I spend half of my time developing databases and web based applications using Visual Basic, and the other half teaching. I teach Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access at the moment but the list is growing by the month.
I didn't think I had it in me to teach in a classroom, but once I tried it I was hooked, and I really enjoy seeing all the lights coming on in peoples minds. I am also currently going through my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and Microsoft Certified Trainer qualifications.

Ally is a Team Leader for M4 Data, who are owned by ATL and manufacture Tape backup systems.
We have no children as yet and no plans for them either. I do have a neice though, Her name is Kayleigh, and she will be two in September.

I am no longer playing music in a band, Serious Plankton split. I do however still dabble with music, mainly on the PC now though, the guitar seems to be gathering dust in the corner at the moment.

Anybody who wishes to monitor the progress of my Model Car Racing can go to www.amcc.org.uk the results are posted there after each race meeting. I have bumped into both Liz's husband Paul, and Roy Soper at the track. [Top]

Anne Elkington  
  Anne recently visited Mauritius for her daughter's wedding [Top]  
Bob Foote 1987-1995
  Bob is the Technical Projects Manager for Apex Interactive. He and Jacqui live in Little London, Berkshire.



Carol Pharo  
  Carol is now a lady of leisure. She is still a self-confessed theatre nut and is Godmother to Cathy Duffy's (nee Murphy) son [Top] Cartoon
Cathy Murphy  
  I'm currently located in North Camp, Farnborough, pottering about on my classic Vespa and about to buy my own house having gone through marriage and divorce. I'm now enjoying being a free spirit again. Declan has turned 11, is due to start secondary school and thankfully making up for all those sleepless nights with blissful lie-ins - even on school days..

I'm planning on travelling to Japan this year to grade for my 3rd dan black belt in shotokan karate. I often see Lee Ferriday at lessons and thoroughly enjoyed his magic show at the Xmas party.

I'm also working part time at my local college in Farnborough as an e-learning advisor/Learndirect tutor, but the outlook is not looking too secure, so seeking alternative work to keep me out of trouble.

Please feel free to drop me an email. Always great to hear from the Wicateers! [Top]

Celia Frear 1986-1997
  After leaving Admiral in 1997, I did some occasional freelance work with Futuremedia and Skillchange among others, but finally the work bug got to me and I worked as an Instructional Designer for Xebec McGraw-Hill based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

We have now moved to Sheffield. There was really nothing much about and Howard and I were in the happy position of being able to move around the country, unlike many other poor souls at Xebec who were limited to finding work in the Bristol area - it was pretty desperate for a while.

I survived at Xebec until May, then took 5 weeks holiday before selling up and moving up here. I started in July and have had a happy first 6 months. The company is in much the same mould as both Wicat and Xebec with an informal and creative atmosphere. We're doing a lot of educational work at the moment which keeps the old grey cells working away. The office is really nice and the company is doing very well. The salary isn't too good as Sheffield still thinks it's in a depressed part of the country and can get away with paying peanuts, but there are compensations - some things are cheaper, but not much - we now have a nice house and we spend a lot of time out exploring the Peak District which is just a few miles away. Howard doesn't work, so is responsible for all the housewifely chores as well as DIY, gardening and everything else, leaving me to concentrate on earning the pennies. This works really well as our weekends and evenings are free to enjoy ourselves instead of queuing up in the supermarket.





Chris Green 1990-1991
  I was very sad to leave WICAT, the job was brilliant, more like fun than real work. But I didn't much like living in digs and my wife was still refusing to move to London. The only bad day was after Kaye broke the lock of my desk drawer, I felt like I'd been burgled. Anyway, I left WICAT after the great cull in 1991 that Jeremy talks about and drove back up to South Wales where I worked as Head of Physics at Olchfa Comprehensive School in Swansea for a couple of years while trying to patch up my still shaky marriage. While at Olchfa I set up a new computer network and authored some Physics revision modules using Western's Avanti authoring system. Fortunately (as it turned out) my marriage could not be saved and I soon went back to BAE Systems to work at King Faisal Air Academy teaching Physics to pilot cadets. That was a brilliant move as I soon fell in love with a beautiful Irish nurse called Tona. We have recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and amazingly are still very much in love with each other. Interestingly, while in Saudi, a team of WICAT salespersons came out trying to sell the Ab-Initio flight training modules to the RSAF, I was in on the presentation/meeting but alas I couldn't use my influence. Just for fun, I was doing some work on a Mental arithmetic module for pilots using Authorware. Anyway, after about six years in Saudi we both emigrated to Queensland Australia and have never regretted the wonderful weather and lifestyle here. I have had a number of great educational jobs in Queensland and also studied theology for a while before going back to BAE Systems in Saudi for another couple of fun packed years too. My wife is now the Trauma Coordinator at the Royal Children's Hospital here in Brisbane and I have recently given up full time teaching. I now do casual supply teaching and go to the beach or gym on the days there is no work. Just started sailing again which is fun and if I get too bored I can always start surfing or fishing I guess!

My two girls are all grown up now. Sarah (31) is a Solicitor in Bristol and has a rather nice apartment with her boyfriend Mike near the docs/cathedral, and Angela (27) has just started working on the Human Genome Project in Cambridge after obtaining her DPhil from Oxford earlier this year. We managed to meet up with them all during our recent mega-tour of Europe (Ireland, England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland).

By the way I am on LinkedIn as "Christopher David Green"

Best regards to all who remember me, I didn't work for WICAT very long (last in first out) but it was a good time and I have fond memories of the experience. no regrets for being made redundant either as life has turned out just fine. There is life after WICAT, just as there is life after SAUDI !!!

Chris Harding 1988-2001
  Chris Harding left Wicat on 22nd June 2001. Until then he had been Director of Sales.

Chris then worked for SimAuthor - a company based in Boulder, Colorado, who produce some excellent Flight Visualisation software. [Top]

Chris Hogan 1987-1988
  If Chris learnt one thing from his time at Wicat, it was that there was another world out there. One trip to Bangkok, to train Thai Airways staff, was enough to set him off on a two year trip around the world, taking in the Americas, South-East Asia and India. Considerably thinner (comes of doing India last), he returned to England, and the IT world (against his better judgment), and decided that some managment training would be required to keep him sane. One MSc in IT Management later, he was heading a team of project managers at CompuServe and subsequently AOL. After AOL relocated to Hammersmith (2 hour commute!) Chris made a little career slip by joining another ISP, Callnet (RIP). After that debacle he decided to introduce a layer of separation between himself and the volatility of the dotcom world, and in the summer of 2000 set up a small technical management company offering services to ISPs and other companies involved in web production.

Chris and his wife live in a little Victorian cottage in the grounds of a Georgian manor house, on the borders of Bucks, Oxon and Northants, and are currently arguing about whether or not to get a dog. They already have a Volvo each, and green wellies are just around the corner. Chris still indulges his passion for ludicrous vehicles, and apart from the usual four motorcycles, keeps local mechanics in clover by trying to use a 1972 P1800 ES as his daily driver. He says "I have to have something different to drive while I save up for my XK8". His wife says "XK8 my arse, we'll have that conservatory first!"

Chris Young 1988-1993
  After I left Wicat, I was Project Managing the CCTV Installations in Folkestone and Bromley Town Centres working for Mar-Com Systems. My role changed quite a lot at Mar-Com, I took over The BT Business Television Satellite Broadcasting Projects and carried out the additional role of Quality Manager for the Mar-Com Group of Companies.

In 1998, I left to join HMA in the City of London as Operations Manager, responsible for all Business Television Satellite Broadcasting Projects for BT, Cyberstar, SKY Homes, Reuters and many more. I was the General Manager responsible for HR, Facilities, Quality et al and Company Secretary.
In Aug 2001 they went into receivership, then into liquidation in Oct 2001 as a result of the Telecoms & IT Industry crash . I lost 2 yrs salary, because they couldn't pay my redundancy.

I spent the next 5 months (July - December 01) self-employed as a Management Consultant in Manchester doing virtually the same work for BT & Hughes Network Systems as I did for HMA... strange world. Commuting got too much, so...

I've now settled into something less stressful, based in Arborfield (15 mins from home) I work for Vosper Thornycroft based at the REME HQ Trg. Group at Arborfield Garrison as Contracts Admin. Manager. I have 50 direct staff, manage the 23 bed Hospital, Garrison Payroll, VT HR on site (300+ staff) and the ISO 9000:2000 scheme plus VT Contracts with the MoD/Army... plenty to keep me busy. I'm still involved with Training, we teach at the 3 Military Colleges here everything from basic Maths to Aeronautical Eng. (Degree level).

Best of all, I'm still living in Eversley and still riding my bike !

If any Wicateers want to email me with news.... feel free........



Cindy Kirk 1990-2005
  Yes the rumours are true, I finally quit Wicat after nearly 16 years. As most of you know I was transferred, yet again, to Jacksonville, Florida last year. This time it was to work on the Car Simulation side rather than Aviation for the group. Unfortunately, to cut a long story short, this new job role did not work out and I was informed that there was no other position available for me so either "stick it out" or quit. I chose the latter option!

Even though I no longer "work" for Wicat I still find myself doing contract work for them, funny that! Whilst obviously this helps with paying the bills I'm still looking for full-time employment anywhere in the USA. Luckily I do have my Green Card approval now so do not have to return to the UK. I'm open to all suggestions so if anyone has any please it would be great to hear from you, keep them clean please!

! [Top]



Darren Markham  
  On leaving WICAT I landed a temporary position with Green Peace as a Whale Detective searching for extinct Whales of the coast of Wales. I resigned after 6 months being disappointed in the fact that in my searches no such Whales even existed!!!

I then joined Quick-fit in Canada as Senior Check Clerk. My role was to promote sales of ‘new Tyres’, which was very very successful until the world wide rubber rationing came into act in 1993 forced me to move swiftly on.

I then got headhunted by ‘The USA Tyre Factory’ in 1994 who were keen for me to spearhead the re-launch of the 'Tyres are for Cars’ campaign! I achieved outstanding results, which resulted in me gaining the cherished accolade, Mr Michelin for 1995.

I then felt a need to go east and 'find myself' so went to Thailand for some serious soul searching. It was there; amongst other things that I found my trainers that I believed I left in the server room at WICAT on the 3rd floor,.....of all the places!

If anyone would like to meet us you will find me at ‘Jo Bananas’ on a Tuesday to Sunday Night (Kicking Place!) Mondays I spend my time between AA, West London Origami School and Break-dancing in Hyde Park.

PS.........I Live in Twickenham West London. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor, mad into Motorbikes, big into Snowboarding and anything completely bonkers. Keep in touch with Jack's Smith but that's it.....will be nice to see you all at some point.

Information Technology Sucks!!!

....so I have been setting up a new venture in the Health and Fitness arena.

I now run a consultancy called BodyFocus Limited, a Private Fitness Training and Performance Nutrition company. Focusing in West London but I have clients in Camberley, Farnborough and Fleet.

All X WICAT Boyz, Girlz and friends get 15% off my list prices.

Go see my Website and/or give me a call to see if I can help [Top]


Picture 1


Dave Carr 1991-1996
  Left WICAT 1996. Had a short (very) stint with a Document Management company, then joined the Mar-Com Group. Became the Group Technical Manager and ended up as the IS Manager for a sub-division called MMT (MultiMedia Training). Recently left MMT and am now self-employed specialising in LMS/CMI customisation/integration and system design.

I'm still married to Cher (no Norman, not the singer) and I have a beautiful daughter, Samantha, who is 4 going on 40 and another on the way (due Feb 2003).

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me... [Top]



Dave White  
  Dave is Director of Sales for Fibernet (Well, he was last time I talked to him.). He is based in Solihull. [Top]  
Dawn Craven  
  Dawn is a driving instructor and is living in Whitstable.
Editor's note: No, she isn't a driving instructor any more. She's a primary school teacher [Top]
Debbie Hennah 1990-1995
  Married to Paul, we have two girls, Georgina who is 3 years old and Lilly who is 8 months old. We live in Little Sandhurst (known to locals as 'Hennahville' as Paul has built properties on all available land in the area!)

My favourite past time is still holidaying - beach and skiing. Aside from that I'm fairly busy renting out our house in Florida to anyone wanting to go see Mickey Mouse (discount to all ex Wicat colleagues - email for a brochure!)

Elaine Charlson 1984-1986
  I was at WICAT from 1984 to 1986 as an R&D Analyst working with Jeremy Kahn and Tony Tucker on WISE and SMART and remember most of the same people as Graham does. the only WICATer that I have seen remotely recently is Joan, a fewyears back now, but I am still in touch via LinkedIn/email with Jeremy.

I moved to Earley, where I still live, in 1987 and reverted back to my maiden name, Charlson. If anyone from WICAT remembers me, it would be as Elaine Weston.

After WICAT I worked in Unix support firstly at the University of Reading and then at Sun Microsystems, staying there until they were bought out by Oracle. When at Sun I started in Unix support, then moved to Network installation and support and latterly worked in a Unix Security role.

I am currently looking for a new part-time or full-time opportunity.

The barn dance band which I joined as a whistle/recorder/wind synth player in 1990 is still going strong and plays all around Berkshire and the adjoining counties.

Emma Gilbert  
  Emma is now Emma Blackmore and lives in Chineham, Basingstoke with her husband, Steve, and young daughter Alicia [Top]  
Emmett Casely 1996-1996
  I was at Wicat for 6 months about 5 years ago. Used to work in the artists section. Whilst I was only there for a short time, I had a really good laugh - even did some work once or twice!

Left Wicat to move to Oxford, where I still live with my family. Employers since Wicat have included HMV, General Accident & Next Control Systems. I have now started working for myself as a Garden Designer, based in Oxford, but working in neighbouring counties as well - you can see my work at www.kerensagardens.co.uk



Erin Tonks 1985-1997
  Erin is now Erin Lake. She lives in Church Crookham, near Fleet. She was working for CMG Admiral until she went off on maternity leave.

Congratulations to Erin on the birth of her son, Adam Martin Lake, on May 10th. He weighed in at 7lb 9oz

Sources say that they're all doing fine.

Graham Foxwell 1985-1987
  Joined WICAT as the one of the first and only at the time Graphic Designer in the UK.

Worked with: Bob Foote, Celia Frear, Dawn Craven, Erin Tonks, Ged Fitzgibon, James Craven, Jeremy Kahn, Joan Heather, John Newport, Kevin Padden, Liz Webster, Louise Blyfield, Phyl Russell, Roger Jay, Roger Llewellyn, Roy Soper, Tony Tucker, Suzy ??? (I fancied her), and a blonde lady called Carol ??? Oh yeah and Russell the Accountant. These are the ones I remember! Sorry If I have forgotten you.

Wicat was my first real Job in IT. Had a great time working there, especially throwing a shaving foam pie in Russell's face (yep, it was me). Watching a screwdriver fly across the room and stick in the wall right next to Roy's head, with Kevin laying on his back, hair sticking up, having stuck the screwdriver in the wrong place!!!! and the Christmas do at the Skyline Hotel, Heathrow (Roger Llewellyn had a lot to drink that night!). P.S. It was Ged and me (well mainly Ged, I did the graphics) that got the first aviation contract for WICAT (SAS), so it's all Ged's fault, not mine.

I left WICAT in 1987-ish, bummed around Europe for a while, went off to be a social worker! which I did for 2 years. Worked for Ged at CATS for a year. Left there to join Aston-Tate as a Project manager, did a stint of self employment, then IT manager for a training company in Camberley, then Technical consultant at Xerox for 5 years, then Tech Sales for an ASP, and the last two years as a dodgy salesman specialising in Scanning, Document/content management systems and Storage.

Still living in Yateley. Married to the girl I was going out with a WICAT with Two Daughters Bethany (14) and Victoria (9). [Top]

Helen Turner 1990-1991
  Helen is now Helen Everest. She works for BT, her current role is developing and managing new media projects. Since returning from Maternity leave she works three and a half days a week. Helen lives between Yateley and Eversley, Hants. She is married to Stephen (works for Vega) and has a baby daughter, Holly. [Top]
Jaki Smith 1988-1990
  At Wicat, I worked as a graphic author & artist and my first project was working on Ab Initio for Alitalia with Yvonne Henkun, Martin Durrant and Darren Markham.

It was my first full time job and I thoroughly enjoyed working at Wicat. I now paint murals and specialist artwork for interiors for a living which I thorougly enjoy. I have also worked as interior designer and artist on Meridian television series 'Doing it Up'

I am now married to Chris Vallis who I met whilst playing my violin in a band... He plays bass guitar, but his profession is in civil and structural engineering.

We live in Godalming with our two cats Coco and Minstrel who are sister and brother and lovely!!

Chris and my favourite pastime is going to Italy to consume lots of wine, pasta and espressos and take in lots of scenery, music and art as often as possible!

Hello everybody again, thought I should update my bit so here goes.

In 2002 Chris and I had our first child, her name is Raphaelle-Rose, she is now 6 years old and is very beautiful, very funny and very clever. She plays the violin as well and she enjoys going to stage school, plays tennis and intends to become a fashion designer with her best friend. She does not stop talking and is very loud and silly! In 2003 we then had our son, Louis Dante who is now 4 and is absolutely gorgeous and a real comedian. He wants to become an entrepreneur, a chef, a rock star and Virgil !? (thunderbird) He loves playing tennis, swimming and air-guitar!

I stopped running my interiors business to have children and no doubt I will go back to it soon (unless I can persuade Chris to have just one more baby!)

A year or so a go we extended and 're-built' a large part of our house which has been a massive project. We also bought a second home in Tuscany in February 2007 and are very lucky to live the Italian life for approximately 12 weeks of the year (children's school holidays) and enjoy long hot summers there away from rainy England.

I am still good friends with Sara Lee, Helen Turner - Susy Budd I don't see quite as much these days - a friend never the less.

I have made lots of new friends since having children. Five of us girls particularly enjoy a monthly poker night - we are getting pretty good but definitely talk too much - desperate housewives wannabes!

Chris and I have recently got back together with our old band - Kambium and are really loving being back with the rest of the boys. Feels good to go back to doing something that we loved when we first met. If you fancy seeing some of the bands old songs and videos look on You Tube or my space and type in Kambium.

Nice chatting to you all. (sorry have had a glass of wine or two - that always sets me off and Chris is at band practice (another band)

Ciao! [Top]

James Craven  
  James is still rushing around fixing PCs all over the place and occasionally makes it home to Whitstable [Top] E-mail
Jeremy Kahn 1983-1988
  I have been working for myself for the last 33 years. I work a lot with a guy called Ticker Berkin and together we build large company databases for small companies who don't want to go to big software houses.

I have spent a lot of the last 33 years learning to play jazz guitar and now get paid to do it (occasionally), and also to teach guitar and jazz on various courses.

Kids are rather grown up, both Jonathan and Simon are shacked up with rather lovely girlfriends. Jonathan is working as a software and web developer. Simon is slightly famous as a beatboxer (see http://shlo.co.uk for details), and seems to make quite a good living from it. Anna is 33 and very grown up now.

Irit is back at the open university: she denies she is doing (yet) another degree but seems to be doing a suspiciously large number of Geology and Mathematics units.

If you really care you can check out my website at http://jika.demon.co.uk. It's not very exciting but its got some music and some photos. If you want to see family photos, email me for a username and password.


Jeremy Preece 1990-1991 and 1992-1997
  I originally joined WICAT on bonfire night - 5th Nov 1990, and survived until the cull of May 91. However they didn't get rid of me the easily and by October of the following year I was back again! I remained with WICAT until the Admiral partial take-over, and festered there.

Left Admiral (now CMG) July (2001). Really glad about that too. I had a very good start to my life as a contractor - working the next day for VEGA (was Skillchange). After a break around Xmas (a longer one than I would have wished), I have found my next contract in IT training and designing for DEFRA (the old Ministry of Agriculture), mostly in London but also travelling around the country. Sometimes on my train journeys between Farnborough and London I would see Lee Ferriday. On one occasion the whole train compartment was treated to one of Lee_s a free magic shows.

I was lucky enough to have worked 2009-10 at e-learning for health. We had a big conference and I got to meet some of the other Instructional Designers. These included one Roderick Royston-Smith and another familiar name from the past _ Andrew Chambers. It was a good reunion, spoilt only by the fact that one of the senior designers had just gone into retirement. This retired person turned out to be none other than Roger Jay. So it really is a small world.

My wife (Helen) is still teaching. Only the oldest of our sons (James) is still with us as the others two have flown the nest. Knowing that James will also be off soon, we downsized and are now living in Aldershot.

It was good to see so many WICAT folk last Easter, and I am now no longer hobbling about on a walking stick. Some of you were very shocked to see the state that I was in as I had just slipped two discs in the lower back. I am recovered now although it took a while. I was wondering if there will be any more reunions.

I am also now looking for another job and have been for a while now.

My newest interest is in the world of politics. Last year I stood for Labour in the local elections in College Town and managed to come a respectable second, having crushed the usually buoyant LibDems. In 2013 I move into the world of County Council elections and stand for Aldershot West.



Joan Heather 1981-1991
  Joan is a Senior Sales Manager in Image-In-Ation, a Fashion business she started in 1993. She currently has 30 ladies working with her and has an offshoot Sales Manager running her own team of 25. She loves what she does and has made many new friends amongst her clients.

She still lives in Sandhurst with Paul and is very proud of her daughter Cindy. She is hoping to find something part time to do ready for retirement, so is currently seeking new possibilities and opportunities.

She would love to hear from anyone she knew at WICAT

Kara Cox 1990-1991
  Wicat was my first 'proper' job and to be honest, I hated it. My idea of fun is not to sit in front of a computer screen all day, not interacting with human beings. I worked with a strange lot but there were also some very nice people. I started the same day as Susy Budd. Liz Webster was a really nice lady, she talked a lot of sense and she knew how to manage and bring out the best in people, unlike some of the other senior people. 'Whippy' Peter Birch and I sat next to each other for a long time and in the afternoons we always had 'O&A and SBs'. I can't possibly tell you what this is, but it's not rude. I am still friends with Sara Lee and I see Jackie, Helen and Susy once a year when Sara's birthday comes around.

When I left Wicat I moved to Essex and worked as a Buyer for Yardley Lentheric Group. After a few years I moved back to Hampshire and started working in marketing in the IT industry. I then moved into sales. For a year, I even worked in the same company as Norman Burton's son, Darren. My career really started when I moved into sales in telecoms in 1995 for a company called Periphonics. I did quite well and moved to the position of Major Account Manager responsible for Vodafone. I was on the first 'text messaging' trial they ever did and I was responsible for devising and selling the telecoms structure for their Pay as You Talk network. Not singlehandely I'd like to add - I'm not that smart. I also accidentally rolled my chair over the foot of Vodafone's CEO, Chris Gent!

Our company was taken over by Nortel Networks in 2000 and in 2001 I was made redundant (along with 80,000 other people) I spent the next 15 months not really worrying about getting a job, but shopping became a bit boring every day and I had nobody to go with, as all my friends were at work.

So, I took a job in Hartley Wintney (where I was born) for a Document Management company and I am their Business Development Manager. Funnily enough, I now spend most of my day in front of the computer, but I do get paid to talk to people also, so it's not that bad.

I've been married and divorced in the last 8 years and now live with my boys in Crookham Village (two pedigree cats, Casper and Thomas) I've been told all women over 30 have cats - it seems to be true.

I like music, going to concerts, serious shopping and interior design. My house was featured in the October 2001 edition of BBC Good Homes.

If you remember me, drop me an email. [Top]

Kaye Bachelard 1986-1997
  Quick update on Kaye (Bachelard), Tom, Jess & Emily (McGhie)

I stopped working at Wicat at the end of 1997, having joined as an Instructional Designer in 1986! How would I cope with life without Wicat?! Cut me in half and I had Wicat written across me, like a piece of rock. Well, I decided the only thing to do was to move away - the car kept heading down the A316 of its own accord.

So we made the big move from London, W3 to Boughton, near Canterbury, Kent in November, 1998. A minor factor in this was that Tom was made redundant again - this time from Express Newspapers! So we decided to eliminate our mortgage and get out of the "smoke" in one deft move. Must admit, I do miss dirty old Acton & having concrete under my feet. Living in a village is very different.

After Wicat I had a part time job, which involved mostly stand up training. Not very challenging. I took the plunge this year and went freelance - as an instructional designer. I have had interesting work thanks to the company that Eric Waggett now works for!

I'm also studying an Open University module called "Applications of Information Technology in Open and Distance Education." So that is keeping me out of mischief.

The children are growing up fast. Jess is 12 - going on 22, and Emily is 9 - a lovely age! Tom is now writing for the Mail on Sunday, Financial Section. Any gossip re small businesses...he's your man.Great to catch up with everyone again and would love to hear from any of you who have time to write. [Top]
Kevin McCaffrey 1984-1988
  Left Wicat to join Galileo UK (British Airways) based in Maidenhead, where I worked for 8 years ending up as a Network Support Team Leader working on the largest X.25 network in the country at that time.

In 1996 joined a .com company Cylink Ltd based in Basingstoke as a Pre/Post Engineer supporting hardware encryption products.

In 1997 I got married to Nikki at the ripe old age of 30.

In 2001 the company down-sized leaving only a skeleton staff to to support the European arena. I was offered a company sponsered green card to work at the companies head office in San Franscio but my wife and I decided against going to the US.

So I took the redundancy and was unemployed for 7 months until I got a job at Mott MacDonald (Civil Engineering) as a PC Support Team Leader based in Winchester. This was managing a team 5 techs supporting 350 users, servers and network.

As a result of a holiday to Australia in 2002 both Nicola and myself fell in love with the country. We emigated to Adelaide in October 2004 (My wife being a Pharmacist she qualified for a sponsered skill permit). With the house sold in the UK and no jobs ready to go to in Oz we boarded the aircraft for the brave new world. After 2 weeks my wife got a job which allowed use to join the rat race once again (start a line credit, bank loans etc..). The work ethic in Oz is very different for IT staff as most employees are contract staff and not permanent. After 2 months I got a job with EDS as a Server Administrator supporting several South Australian Government departments which included Transport.

After 9 months, I jumped ship and started working for Transport SA as a PC Support Technician (rolling 3 months contracts). After a year, a new position was created for a PC Project Officer which I moved into but still on 3 months contracts. In Oct 2006 the PC Support Team Lead left and I was asked to temporary fill the position until the job could be called. To this day I'm still the Team Leader managing 8 staff supporting 3000 PC's within South Australia.

We live in the hills above Adelaide to the south next to the Belair National Park (which includes a golf course I play each weekend). We are 20 minutes from the beach and 30 minutes from the vineyards.

Nikki and I will be returning to the UK in June 2010.
[Top] E-mail
Kirsti Aho 1988-1989
USA flag
  After moving back to the US in 1989, Kirsti worked for Wicat Education in Utah for two years. While she enjoyed her remote mountain home (where she entertained a few UK team members), she missed city life. So she and her husband Dale Underwood moved to San Francisco, Kirsti's hometown (is it called that in the UK?).

Kirsti spent nine years working on maths and writing curriculum (both online and offline) for a small foundation and then Academic Systems. In February 2000, she took the leap out of curriculum development to join Macromedia US as Director of Product Strategy for Education and Learning.

The best thing about this job is that the Macromedia office is just around the corner from her loft in downtown San Francisco. And, of course, thefact that she works in the same company as Tony Tucker again.

Lee Ferriday 1990-1998
  I left Admiral which was Wicat at about the same time as Ziggy. I was working for a Web based email service called Pmail.net for about three months and the company that owned it pulled the plug so six people started a company called Edison which I joined with them. We merged with Ego-Commerce that owned Kitbag.com. Then we moved to Oxford Street.

I became Design Manager for Kitbag.com creating the website and all the online promotional and marketing stuff. Edison also had an idea of an entertainment portal called Switch2.net which was primarily for a Broadband audience and consisted of channels, like a television. A comedy channel called Skive, music channel called Done and Dusted, Sports channel called Spoilsport and Film channel called Casting Couch. This was launched beginning of last year with streaming content Flash Cartoons and games and Shockwave games. I became Design Manager of this Site and the company grew from about 10 people to about 110 in 6-8 months it went a bit mad. We moved to a building right under the BT tower.

In November, second round funding fell through and the company split up into seperate ventures with all work on Switch2 stopping and no longer existing. All a bit too early for the marketplace. Ten of us broke away and have started a company called Skive Creative, a viral marketing company, creating games, animations and micro-sites. Still living in Fleet, Hants with Theresa and Kurt. Still playing football for Windlesham, drawing cartoons and Close-up magic. Most of my time is spent behaving like a child. I keep in touch with Kevin Davis, Mark Wheeler, and Martin 'Strawberry Blonde' Frost. I see Cathy Murphy at Karate quite regularly.

I am now at a gambling company startup in West Byfleet.




Lindsey Harris 1986-2005
  Lindsey is now working on car simulations for SSI. SSI is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she's currently still in Utah, working from home and enjoying the peace and quiet!
Her collection of dragons is still growing - so much so she's given up trying to keep count!.





Lisa Canning 1988-1996
  I'm still working for Elcom (the company I left Wicat to go to), where I'm now the Tech support manager. My three girls are now 5, 7 and 9 and growing up fast. [Top] E-mail
Lisa Twigge-Molecey 1988-1996
  Left Wicat in 1996 after working for the company for 5 years. Started work as a Computer Graphic Artist, but moved into Customer services after about 2 years.

I got married in August 2002 but unfortunately Kez left in April 2003, after only 8 months of marriage! 2003 was quite a difficult year, but things started to pick up in 2004, when I met my current partner Richard in the August. I am now living in Donnington just outside Newbury with Richard and have been there for 18 months now and love it.

I am still working for the same company that I left Wicat for in 1996 and have been there for over 11 years! During this time we have had 3 name changes from Computeraid, Pinkroccade and now we are called Getronics. I was promoted this year to Senior Consultant, which is great but challenging, spend a lot of time travelling around the UK working for various organisations implementing a wide range of solutions.

I have some very fond memories of Wicat and the people that worked there, like the time Roy Soper and Lee Ferriday played one of their numerous tricks on me, by pretending to be the police on the phone regarding an incident where I jumped a red light at a set of road works! I still keep in touch with Ben Tovey, although I haven't seen him for over a year, which is bad as he only lives down the road in Marlborough!

I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me, also any plans for a Wicat Reunion, it would be good to get everyone together again, maybe Norman could do one of his famous pop quizzes!!! .


Liz Webster 1986-1996
  Question: How can you work for three different companies and yet not change jobs?

Answer: Initially start with WICAT, then be transferred to Admiral, who in turn is taken over by CMG. What is the next move? Even the location remains the same. Although I have moved around the company over the last few years, trying my hand at other tasks, I have ended up back in the Training area, involved in the production of CBT. Life can seem very circular at times.

Keeping the circular theme, I still work in Camberley and can be seen cycling along the A30 on my way to and from work.

Other details

My sons, Alan and Roger are aged 15 and 11. And you may remember Paul, my husband, he has downshifted and now works for Broadmoor, the high security Prison Hospital.



Louise Blyfield 1986-1989
  Now Louise Adams. Working for Emulex Corporation (Mark Radford works here too !!!) where I have been for the last 13 years as a Sales & Marketing Assistant. Get to travel a lot and enjoy my job very much. Still living in Yateley and have been married for 4 years now. [Top] E-mail
Maggie Roy 1987-1997
  Leapt at chance of voluntary redundancy from Admiral. 6 months exploring options, before starting on my third distinctive career, a bid and contract manager for government & European funded projects at the Central London Training & Enterprise Council (TEC) in Centre Point (Tottenham Court Road & Oxford street). The TEC, soon to be the Learning & Skills Council, runs training projects aimed at social inclusion, refugees, urban renewal etc.

The place is full of like-minded people and the pace suits my time of life fine and also allows me to discover new restaurants & bars in London as well as working my way through theatre, gallery & cinema repertoire.

Still with Kevin after 27 years. No kids, even after IVF attempts, but 10 godchildren. No new media work but may get involved in Learn direct projects come April. Very content with half hour journey to work and opportunities to go out socialising every night and not worry about how to get home. (Pity I'm not 10 years younger though to fully appreciate it). Anyone in London, look me up and I'll show you a good time



Mark Compton-Hall 1988-1991
  Well, after leaving WICAT in 1991 I had a spell with ICL then moved to work in Canada for a while under Apple sponsorship to help a large Design Group learn how to explain new media to their clients, then back to UK where I spent some time with Royal Mail (in the Corporate Identity Division as a project manager) then to IBM, which I left in 2001. I loved my time in IBM and had many adventures and worked with some really exciting customers as an e-business consultant, both in the UK and Europe. The most bizarre project was being given 24hrs notice to go for Athens to work with a team to set up an equivalent of Dixon's on-line, but that was great fun.

My downfall came in 2001 when the Inland Revenue made me bankrupt for a start up CD publishing company I set up in the '80s. That cost marriage, home, job in fact everything! I was discharged from bankruptcy some years ago, so am happier now.

I now live in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight, and spend most of my time in Voluntary Work. It is a lovely place to live and I am very happy here in an almost village like atmosphere. Poor as a church mouse, but happy in myself which is the main thing. I am looking for freelance work I can do from home.

My GP reckons I put on ten years to my life for coming to live by the sea.

Current big voluntary project is getting lifeguards back onto our beach, which takes a lot of time apart from anything else writing bids for grants!

Officially I have retired early from both IBM and ICL, but would be curious to know if anyone knows what happened to the Wicat Pension fund ! I know I made contributions, but heaven knows where they went!

The attached pic is from IBM days, I think I look pretty much the same now, at least my friends say so.




Mark Esdale 1987-2001
  After 14 years, Mark finally let go of Wicat's apron strings and worked as a freelance contractor and consultant. In 2002, he became Technical Director for Turning Points Ltd, of which he is now half-owener. They produce audio commentaries and systems for tourist applications (mainly coaches, buses and boats), with the commentaries triggered by GPS information.

He mostly works from his home in Bridge near Canterbury in Kent. His two sons, Ryan and Benedict, are now aged 32 and 28 and attend local schools. He is a Parish Councillor and Secretary of the Village Hall. In his spare time, he plans to spend more time gardening and working on the house.

He also build web pages for local services and groups in Bridge (see Web2 link)



Web 1

Web 2

Web 3

Family Picture


Car Picture

Mark Nelson 1980-2000
USA flag
  After starting as a part-time marketing assistant just after Wicat incorporated, working there just over 20 years and eventually being president of a much scaled down Wicat for five years, I left in 2000 (new century, new gig). Oh, the stories I could tell (and will on request). Fond are my memories of Camberley, and all the wonderful people at Wicat UK, and Wicat U.S.

After leaving Wicat, I consulted with an Indian company, commuted to Seattle and consulted for Boeing for a year, and worked with Mike Samuelian in Education sales & marketing at Altiris. In early 2005, a friend and I purchased a start-up chocolate company - V Chocolates, Inc. I have been having fun learning about the chocolate business, and making V grow. I am also a part owner of a software company doing electronic health records for jails and prisions (www.coremr.com).

I was divorced in 2000, and later married Shanna. We live in Midway, Utah. She was widowed with 5 children. I had four. In May of 2005 we had little Anna together - making 10 children between us! Life is good. I continue to love running. I have run 30 marathons so far.

I would love to hear from any ex-Wicateers. [Top]

Mark Wheeler (Vinny) 1988-1992
  After leaving with the cleanout, fell into hospitality where I met my future wife, Kylie.

I moved to Perth Western Australia with Kylie in 1997, where I got back into IT and am now working as a web application developer coding in coldfusion and FLEX, specialising in cross media design web to print.

I keep in touch with Lee and am interested in catching up with anyone who remembers me so if your in the area :)

I still live in Perth with Kylie and my kids, Anastasia (24), Zoe (22) and Ethan (19).


PictureMark & Kylie
PictureKylie & Ethan

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Martin Frost 1990-1991 and 1993-1997
  I joined Wicat along with many others in 1990 and along with many others was redundant the following year. It was my first job and a real foot in the door for a budding graphic artist. During my short spell I worked on the CFM Line maintenance course with Patrick Stagg as Project Manager. Unfortunately I was sat next to Lee, who even in my first week managed to rope me into a prank involving lots of shaving foam. Anyway, had a great time over that one year and learnt a lot as well. After WICAT I tried in vain to stay in graphics but the opportunities were scarce for someone with limited experience. After settling for any old job the lure of long hours in front of a screen slogging your guts out for not a lot of money was too great to ignore. So in 1993 I returned. The only things that had changed in my absence were that WISE had gone up to version 7.0 and Rod Shack was no longer skinny. I found myself working on the next CFM line Maintenance course again and after a few weeks it was like I'd never been away. Anyway, I really enjoyed being back and having worked for other companies since I can say I've never laughed so much at work as I did at WICAT. The people (on the whole) were great and we did work very hard in between messing around. My demise at WICAT came with the introduction of Admiral which on a personal level was a disaster and best forgotten.

After a short spell on the dole (1997) I turned my skills to print based artwork, mainly packaging. I progressed quickly & surprised myself with what I could do given the opportunity. I managed a small team of artists working on packaging for Black & Decker products. I had a hand in a lot more design work & learnt a thing or two about marketing products. Unfortunately after a company takeover our site was closed down in Sept 2001 (this seems to be a running theme with me).

With no job and a mortgage to pay I decided to move out of Surrey and maximise the profit from selling my house. I managed to do this, and with my girlfriend Nikki moved down to the South coast to a small town called 'Portchester'. We bought a new house that overlooked views of the Solent. Nikki & I got married in 2003. I now work in the wonderful world of 'Reprographics' producing 'print ready' packaging artwork for the likes of Sainsbury's & Waitrose. I now enjoy a 15min walk to & from work instead of mile long traffic jams. In September 2004 we had an addition to our family. His name is Benjamin & he weighed in at 6lbs 4oz. I still keep in contact with Lee Ferriday & Kevin Davis from time to time. [Top]

Martyn Durrant 1988-1992
  Since leaving WICAT in 1992 (after my short return as a contractor after my trip to Africa) I have worked for several companies on a contract basis. This includes the dreaded TRO but from my point of view it worked well as I got to work in Hong Kong on a job for Cathay Pacific for six months in 1996. Other companies contracted for are XOR (based in Old Street in London), Mantissa (based in Blackheath), NETG Applied Learning, Westlands and latterly alongside Suzy Budd at IBM on the Merlin Helicopter Part-task Trainer project.

This has all been good fun and I have made quite a lot of money out of it all. However, in September of last year I finally decided to hang up my CBT boots for good. Since then I have been doing a full-time course in Java programming with the intention of becoming a highly paid Java systems developer and branching off into pastures new.

I've been living up in the Clapham Junction area of London for the past seven years or so and finally got around to marrying my girlfriend Elizabeth on 19th June 1999. What other famous wedding took place that day? We're expecting our first baby in May of this year. Family life has finally caught up with me.

I am still good friends with Suzy Budd and Roderick Royston-Smith.

Michael Boylan 1988-1991
  I joined Wicat in 1988 as a graphic artist and have fond memories of the place. I worked on the Scorpion Tank and the Linjeflyg projects which was great fun but as most knew it was not what I really wanted to do for a living.

After the cull in 91, I joined Granada TV as a Technical Install Rep. Basically doing anything from installing TV, videos, satellite systems etc to fixing various customer problems. Had some good projects like Wimbledon Tennis and the Oval Cricket ground along with loads of hotels. When Channel Five was launched, I was taken on to fix a lot of the problems getting the station tuned into people's homes.

I left there in 98 to do my dream job. A professional musician. YIPPEE, I have made it and I signed my record contract on April 14th 1998. After years of slogging away, playing every dive bar in this country, we turned pro and it was the most intersting, rollercoaster period of my life so far. We recorded our album between Nov 98 to Jan 99 and released it in June 99. It got great reviews with Q giving it 4 out of 5. We also released 4 singles and did various TV and radio shows including a few Radio 1 sessions. We toured all over the country with probably my most enjoyable gig being at a festival in Belfort, France to around 7,000 people. Now the bad news. As we started to become succesful and make money the record company started to put the brakes on. This made no sense and to cut a long story short, we found out we were being run as a tax loss and so, we sued their arses, won and bugged out of the contracts. It was now 2001 and we were all too old and tired to go looking for a new record deal and so we called it a day and decided to get proper jobs. I have no regrets though, I achieved more than most ever do and managed to do my dream job and be successful at it. That chapter is closed and onto something new.

So in 2001, I joined SC Johnsons as a line mechanic and have been there ever since. Its not bad, a good laugh and a great company to work for. I was also an environmental rep and a Behaviour Based Safety Officer. In 2003 I moved off the lines and into the office as the Environmental Officer for 9 months covering maternity leave. I also trained as an internal auditor and worked for the quality department. I also created all the barcodes for all the products. In 2004 I moved over to using a computer system called SAP, monitoring stock levels, production orders and closing orders. Really hated this and hate using the SAP system. Then in 2006 I replaced our stores administrator who retired. So now I do a lot of the buying and managing stock levels and machine parts. Its very varied and good fun as you never know what each day is going to be like and what your going to be buying. Not really sure how long I will stay and do this as I never tend to stay in one job for very long.

As for me, I am now married to Becky and have a beautiful son called Thomas Gerald Jordan who was born in Nov 2002 from a previous relationship. I still love music but don't play anymore. I will be teaching my son to play bass when he is a little older and if he gets the bug for it then let him explore other areas of music. He loves to sing and dance at the moment so who knows. Still obsessed with Formula 1 and go to a different race each year. Also love all things motor racing and cars and spend a lot of my time playing racing simulators. Done a fair bit of go karting but have now bought my dream car, a Lotus Elise and will soon be doing some track days. Also into mountain biking and want to get into it a lot more.

So back to Wicat. I have some great memories of so many people. Kaye Bachelard who was such a great boss and was a pleasure to work for. A bit bonkers but a great, fun and honest person. Phyllis Russell, what a babe and so friendly and helpful and always seemed up for a laugh. Really enjoyed working with you both. Also Sean Pontin, top bloke and taught me a lot about life. Erin Tonks, you and Phyllis were like partners in crime. Even though you did my head in, you made me laugh. Lee Ferriday, the mad cartoonist who used to always stich me up. Martyn Durrant, the man who Lee used to wind up the most and put porno mags in his desk drawers. Also remember Darren, Jaki, Helen, Martin Frost, Peter (Whippy), Yvonne and Norman, Susy, Joanne, Roger, Andy Cummings, Lindsey, Celia and Maggie. Great days. [Top]



Michael Peare 1995-1996
  I worked in Camberley for a year until the aviation side went to Utah and Admiral took over.
I was a contractor doing instructional design for the Wings course, SEP's for various airlines etc...

After Wicat I went to TRO for a while, CTS in Scunthorpe for two weeks!, and CBL at Filton for a while.

Now I am in China, awaiting CAAC approval to begin flight training of airline cadets at a place called Binzhou.

You can read all about what I am doing at www.mpaviation.com/2006.htm [Top]


Nalini Dye 1988-1996
  Left Wicat/Admiral for maternity leave during all the changes. However, after an extended leave decided not to return, but spend more time with the kids. I am still a "domestic engineer" and keep myself busy with a variety of activities. I work part time freelance for CUP helping with historical research volumes.

Curran is at University and Anya is going into the Upper Sixth.

We all still live in Kew. Robin works nearby in Richmond and so walks or cycles to his office. He is still in the Computer Services industry working for an American company. [Top]



Norman Burton 1988-1995
  In February 1999, I became a granddad for the first time when my son Darren and his partner Carol produced a little boy, Steven...

...then for a second time in May 2004 when my daughter Kelly gave birth to Harrison

I finally married Yvonne in May 2000 (after 14 years of 'courting'!).

After leaving Wicat I took on the role of CEO at Futuremedia. I left Futuremedia in April 1999 and thought seriously about retiring for good. However, after just 9 months off, I ended up going back to work. I spent about 18 months as EVP, sales and marketing for a division of Arthur Andersen known as the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) and then about 9 months as Director, e-Learning Solutions for Activ Training. I'm currently the e-Learning Manager at the Prudential.

Yvonne and I still enjoy travelling although don't get to do nearly as much as we'd like. We seem to spend most of our weekends visiting our family and friends who are now scattered all over the country! [Top]



Peter Birch (Whippy) 1989-1991
  Yes I too was a Graphic Author at Wicat, my first job and had a right laugh working with Lee Ferriday, Jaki Smith, Mike Boylan, Ziggy, Frosty, Darren Markham, Martyn Durrant, Suzy Budd, Kara Cox and everyone else I forgot.

After Wicat, I started on the familiar CBT trail of TRO Learning, Data Sciences, XOR and Westland System Assessment in Yeovil.

Finally broke away from CBT and for the last 3 years I have been working for Nokia, producing graphics for the mobile games such as 'Space Impact'

Living happily with Lucy in Camberley (no kids or marriage yet though!)

People I've seen since Wicat;
Darren Markham - on a train to London once
Suzy Budd - now and again
Jaki Smith - on TV, that was a shock!
Martyn Durrant - now and again, Mart has worked at just about everywhere I have, so you never know! [Top]



Peter Chai 1984-1985
USA flag
  I used to work out of the Marina del Rey office in Los Angeles, California as a Field Engineer. I really missed working there even for those short times. I am looking for some ex-Wicat colleagues and hope to be able to contact them again. One works out of the same office as I do, her name is Gale McKenzie. Another is Sara Bramlett that works out of Orem, Utah. [Top] eMailE-mail
Phyl Russell 1986-1993

Now Phyl Montoya.

Left Wicat in 1993 to go and work for Marconi on a contract in sunny San Diego. Working side by side with the Navy (that was a whole new experience!!) I produced hours and hours of technical courseware and tried to teach the sailors the basics of instructional design so that they too could produce courseware. After 6½ years working at the Navy Base, I moved to a company called 'Anteon' as a Senior Instructional Designer. From there moved up to L.A. and continued to work as an instructional designer for various other companies.

Doesn't time fly. I was just reading through some of these and remembering what a great time we had working at Wicat. No other company since has had anywhere near the amount of social interactions that we used to have - sailing weekends (bowls on the Isle of Wight), bowling nights, pop quizzes, Christmas parties etc.

I just went back to England this year (2007) and caught up with Erin. It seems like we've all kept in touch with various people and so we all keep track of who's doing what. I've emailed various people over the years but it's hard to keep up with everyone. Roger Jay and I email a couple of times a year to exchange gossip and he actually came out to visit one time (he keeps threatening to come out again!). I also keep in touch with Debbie, both Yvonnes and Mark, of course. Whatever happened to Howard? I had a huge crush on him!!

I'm still in Los Angeles and have got used to it now. It's not where I'd like to be (Hawaii would be my preference). I'm doing contract work, mostly virtual, love it. Still mostly instructional design but I also have my real estate license and dabble with that a little too. Life is pretty good - occasionally I miss the rain, just occasionally.

Drew is almost 17 - yikes. I remember when I told Martin and Roger that I was pregnant. Roger told me that he could tell as I had a fat arse!! Charming. Anyway, Drew is going into her last year of high school, is driving (VW Bug) and has a part time job. Alex is 13, Daniel is 5 and about to graduate from Kindergarten (a cap and gown affair).




Phyl + Hula-hoop


Daniel & John

Ray Booker 1994-1995
  During my time at Wicat, I worked with Maggie Roy and her team on the Airbus A310 Computer Based Training (CBT) system for Airbus Industrie.

When I left WICAT I joined a company in Farnborough called Data Sciences and with this company I worked on a number of projects including: an aircrew Part Task Trainer (PTT), comprising Computer Based Training (CBT) and aircraft simulation, for the Merlin EH101 helicopter for the Royal Navy a Rescue Coordination System (RCS), classroom training course, for the Royal Air Force, an Air Defence Ground Environment system, classroom training course, for the Royal Air Force

Data Sciences later merged with IBM and since the acquisition I have been working on an Airport Operations Management & Information System for multiple airports based in the UK and the middle east.

I currently hold the position of Senior Education Specialist with IBM.

I am married to Annie and have two sons, Samuel, who will be 7 this year (2001) and Adam who will be 4. I still ride the Triumph Daytona 1200 that I had when I was at WICAT and a 1954 Ariel Redhunter 500. I have also continued my scuba diving activities in the UK having become qualified as a club instructor whilst working in Saudi Arabia prior to my time with WICAT. I now live in Cranleigh in Surrey.

Ray Hassell  
  I have just turned 50 and I don't feel a day over 73 !

When I left Wicat I worked for small software distribution company for 10 years but then the travel bug hit and I moved back to the learning/training/education field with a company called OneTouch where I stayed for the next 8 years, I certainly got loads of travel, when I left my territory spread from New Zealand to Ireland (and all points between). For the last year I have been at Sonic Foundry as Sales Director EMEA - not quite so much traveling, but enough to keep me happy!

Kerry, who has now been my wife for 31 years, is the same, not changed at all, Just finishing degree course at Southampton University and then has to decide what to do with it!

Louisa is 28, married and living in Glasgow with her husband Andy. She is dancer for Scottish Ballet although at 28 she is getting a bit old now. Andy is a photographer specializing in dance - he used to be a dancer for Scottish Ballet too.

Natalie is 26, is a dancer as well but finds jobs a little harder to find so does loads of promotional work.

Simon 25, after some false starts in life is now back on course and in last year at Wolverhampton University studying English with a view to becoming a teacher, he is engaged to Lisa with our first grandchild on the way in April.

Oliver, the baby !!!!, is now 18 and just started Sociology degree at Birmingham University.

Attached picture taken 7th October 2007 - left to right Simon, Natalie, Ray, Kerry, Louisa, Oliver



Roderick Royston - Smith 1985-1988 (Aus) 1988-1992
  Since leaving Wicat I lived in the south of France for five years. Then returned with a French lady in tow who has now done a magnificent job of creating two daughters. So I'm knee deep in women at home! even the cat's female! We have settled in Winchester and I knacker myself each day by commuting to London. Where I now work for Pearson Broadband after getting made redundent from Pearson Education. Funny things these corporates.

So now I'm called a Producer and am working on a resource for delivering teaching material in schools for children aged from five to eleven. However I do miss jumping into flight simulators and crashing them into assorted airports around the world! and I'm still mulling over how to get my revenge on Lee who chucked a bucket of water over me as I was waving goodbye to Wicat!

The only Wicatter I still get to see is Martyn Durrant




Rick Pedley 1990-1991 and 1997-2005
  Rick is Customer Services Manager - and does about a dozen other jobs at the same time, just like he did for Wicat, but now he's doing it for SSI. Living in Florida.




Roger Jay 1986-2000
  After the pleasures of Wicat in Fleet, Roger transferred to Utah. After exhausting the National Parks (and also the doughnuts ) of that fine State, the only place left was the European Alps. He joined Swissair in Zurich in April 2000 where he does very little (no surprise to others at Wicat!) apart from e-learning and e-eating and is waiting to return to his home in the Lake District [Top] E-mail


Roger Llewellyn 1983-1989
  Still living in Sandhurst with June, James & Rhian. James (22) works for Computer centre, Rhian (24) is in Marketing for an IT company. Managing Director of Walker Interactive in Aylesbury and Basingstoke. Worked with Mike Samulian, Dave Jenkins, Ken Sorber and many other old Wicaters over the last few years. Still sailing and still have some great pictures of Celia, Howard and Tony when we showed the others how to fight for 14 hrs to come last. Greatest memories.Love to hear from any exWicaters. [Top] E-mail
Roy Soper 1985-1992
  Left Wicat after 7 years to join Bell+Howell, what with all the changes at Wicat I thought it was time to move on. Remember John Newport? well he had joined Bell+Howell some weeks before and they were looking for someone to look after their new document scanner they had launched into Europe, got in touch with me and I was with them for 4 years. Travelled all over Europe looking after distributors, presenting and generally sorting out scanner problems. Since then I've pretty much stayed in the document capture area since, moved to Headway in Farnham as a Product manager then on to Fujitsu as a Technical sales manager then to my present company ActionPoint in Guildford. Been here for over 2 years now, came in as the Partner Manager and 8 months ago took the plunge into a full sales role. Must say it's probably the best move I've ever made, pressure with hitting targets, chasing business etc but rewarding and the company is fun to work for. We are currently going for a merger with Captiva (US form capture software company) so it's a little up in the air. Off to a sales meeting in the US next month at the new head office in San Diego.

I've just turned 40!!!!! hair showing signs of grey and I blame this all on the children. Ryan is now 8 and Katie is 4 and they are both doing really well at school here in Farnham. Been married 10 years to Trish now and she can't believe what a wonderful husband I am and tells me this daily (might have to delete that bit when she reads it). Kept in touch with Mark Hindmarsh for a few years, went to his wedding but now he is divorced and I heard was living in Wales. Met Andy Cummings last year at the model racing club in Aldershot, he hasn't changed at all and also got in touch with Kevan Law after we met in the street. Been living in Farnham for 6 years and realised Kevan lived a mile from me all that time. [Top]



Sara Lee 1990-1991
  Sara is a Project Leader at Apex Interactive, developing web based training courses.

She lives in Basingstoke with her seven year old son, Jordan

Sean Pontin 1988 - 1991 and 1992- 93
  Unlike most of the others (other than Dawn) I have nothing to do with I.T. anymore, although at work people often ask why I'm so clued up!

I married Talia in 1995 and after a more study, I went to work for a disability charity, managing a Family Support Service. However, in 1997 it all changed as we bit the bullet and moved up to the wilds of sunny Shropshire. Since then, I have been working in child care, initally at a residential unit for damaged teenagers and then the Family Support and Child Protection team of Telford & Wrekin Council. It's a far world from CBT, Linjeflyg and the Scorpion project but I really feel I've found what I want now.

Talia and I have 2 children - Luke who is 5 and Taryn who is 18 months.

Thought I'd take a mo to update you on developments up here, our new addition has turned out to be baby no.3 not the foster child we were planning for, so that was a bit of a shock! Baby is due in January and Phyl and I have been comparing scan news from afar!

The guys at work were a bit concerned about me so took the time to point out that being a Social Worker dosn't mean I have to fill my very own Children's Home! now that's clear I guess we'll stop at 3!!

I also just started a new job, which is a bit scary. I'm at the Fostering & Adoption team in Welsh Wrexham, which is a new challenge.

Love to hear from anyone (unless it's about your wayward children!)





Susy Russell 1990-1991
  Susy is now Susy Budd. She works for IBM Learning Services, developing Technology Based Training for e-learning.

She is married to Phil and has a two year old daughter, Olivia

Sylvia Phillips 1990-1997

This year I have travelled to Thailand twice, first to see my new grandson Christopher ( I stayed for six weeks) and just arrived back in the UK after another month. My son, David lives in Thailand and his work takes him all over Asia. He is a broadcast engineer, currently adapting all their systems to digital.

I keep myself busy since retiring eighteen months ago, but miss the company of my friends. However, I have made a lot of new friends and looked up some very old ones, here in the north east. I love being back in Newcastle, my roots are here.

I visit Chruch Crookham often as my youingest son lives there and I have met up with Erin Lake several times. We always talk about the days at Wicat.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

The photo was taken last year (2007) with my two granddaughters, Charlotte and Emily, who live in Thames Ditton.



Tony Tucker 1983-1990
  Tony has worked for Macromedia Europe for the last 11 years as Technical Director, he moved to a 4 day week last year as the start of a long preparation to retire.

He still lives in Brimpton Common mid way between Reading and Newbury, and for his sins commutes to Bracknell 4 days a week.

His two children have left home and are working, Rhian as Financial analyst for a Swiss Bank in Zurich and Mark as a Programmer for 3D Video effects in London..

Yvonne Aller 1988-1994
  I finally married Norman in May 2000 (after 14 years of courting!) but I keep my own surname so I'm still Yvonne Aller.

After leaving Wicat I did some freelance courseware development work and then took a part-time job working at the Chichester records office. When Norman left Futuremedia, we went to live in Somerset and I took on the role of 'Domestic Goddess'. This allowed me to accompany Norman on his travels as much as possible - in one year alone he took me to many exotic places including; Bradford, Sheffield, Reading and Milton Keynes! I'm now back at work, this time as a secretary in the speech and language Therapy unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

I'm still an avid reader but now find it difficult to store all the books I keep acquiring!



Yvonne Henkun  
  Yvonne works for Vega as an Instructional System Designer. [Top]  


In Memoriam

Kevin Padden 1985-1995
  Kevin died while on holiday in Thailand, his favourite place in the world. He is sadly missed


The cartoons were done by Lee and Ziggy. They were saved and sent to me by Carol. Thank you, Carol.

The "Western" pictures of Lindsey, Cindy, Rick and Mark were taken at a "Murder Mystery" party. We've done five of these in Utah now (Lindsey's hosted four of them and Rick & Cindy did one) and they are great fun. The first was set in England in 1936, the second was the "Western" theme, the third was set in 1912, the fourth in July 1776 and the fifth was a 1950's High School reunion.


I will be putting togther a gallery of pictures sent in by people.

In the meantime, why not play "Name that Face"

and now (thanks to Lindsey) "Name that Face USA"

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